How to Make a Baby Sling

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My lovely neighbor Katie has made a ton of these slings, for both herself and for friends, and she’s graciously shared this tutorial. This makes a great baby gift for a friend, and even if you’re not overly sewing proficient, you can make one for yourself while the baby is napping! These work for small babies, up to toddlers…

Katie has given us a great step by step with pictures, but if you have any additional questions, just ask!

Making a Baby Sling

An older baby should sit comfortably on your hip. You only need to fold the sling in about ¼ of the way with an older baby, taking care to keep the 28.5 inch side closest to your body, so the sling makes a pocket.
If the sling is too big, you can easily shorten it by turning it inside out laying it flat and sewing a straight seem at the top to take it up. You can do this in ½ inch increments until you get to a size you like.
It can be helpful to leave the excess fabric when you take it up because it helps you find the top when you are trying to put it on. If you choose to cut it, you will need to sew the seam four times with a zig zag stitch to make sure it is sturdy.

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  • Heather Mann [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    RT @DotatDabbled: New @ Dabbled: How to Make a Baby Sling: My lovely neighbor Katie has made a ton of these slings,

  • makalove [] :


    What is a “regular weight” person, anyway?

    It would be great if you could give some suggestions for altering the measurements for those who are of non-regular weight…although i’m not quite sure what that would be.

  • anna [] :

    oh, iam confuse about yard and inches :C

  • Jasmine [] :

    Makalove: This is the pattern/instructions I have used lots of times. It is super easy, can be customized to many sizes of women!

  • Funky Dreams [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    How to Make a Baby Sling: Dabbled —

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Sorry the term Average was not meant to offend, just to give a general idea. Katie has kindly written this tutorial explaining her process, hopefully to help others who might want to make their own baby slings. As she stated, these dimensions seem to work for 5’6-5’8 women of average size. This is just generally the size she has made for. As she mentions in the tutorial, if you’re larger than a postpartum woman of this height, wrap the fabric around you before you start to get a general idea, and add a few inches. And you can always make it smaller. If you’re smaller, start with these measurements, and shorten from there.

    Here is a site that will convert to centimeters if you are more familiar with those:

    Thanks everyone!

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    Make a baby sling

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    Como fazer um sling:

  • Stella [] :

    Thank you for posting this! So awesome! I love it and my baby loves it too! We use it everywhere now because it is so convenient to use. And you can’t beat the price compared to slings that you can buy that are out there! I’ve gotten so many compliments from other mothers & grandmothers already. Tell Katie thank you thank you THANK YOU!

  • Dot [] (author) :

    So glad you are enjoying it! Would love to see a picture of your finished product! I’ve passed your Thank You on to Katie as well!

  • Jaye Jaye [] :

    Very nice tutorial! The first pouch slings I made 5 years ago were made just like that! The uneven edges make for such a comfy seat :).

  • baby slings [] :

    I love that you illustrated your guide with deetailed images. Do you know anywhere that sells cute, patterned or floral material to make them rather than using solid colors?

  • [link removed, please do not spam] [] :

    Thank you so much! You make it seem quite simple so I look forward to giving this a try!

  • LW2003 [] :

    Nice post, Thanks for your sharing.

  • KariU [] :

    This is a wonderful project, but I am confused about folding the sling for smaller babies. Can you explain.

  • Baby Hip Carrier [] :

    Definitely! Baby sling makes mother life easy,she can do many task while wearing baby sling and she can spend more time with little one.Thanks!

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