How to make a Quick and Lovely Halloween “Candle”

candle4Halloween is almost here! But you still have a few days… So here’s a quick and elegant version of a lantern in a jar!

When I went to the Dollar Store to pick up items for my Dollar Store Crafts guest post earlier this month, I picked up enough for several projects–the creepy ravens & the bottle labels were 2 of them. Here is the final one!

For this project you need a glass container that will look good upside down (I picked a straight sided vase). You also need handmade paper in a dark and a light shade (Mine was purple and off-white, with leaves embedded in it for texture. Finally, you need faux votive candles, with a realistic flicker. I picked up all of this at the dollar store for $3 total!

Make an Elegant Halloween Luminary

First cut out spooky shape.. like an old tree, or a creepy hand like I did.. out of your darker paper.
Either free hand it or print off something off the internet and trace it.

Then glue the shape to the inside of your jar. Remember, your jar/vase will be upside down at the end, so place accordingly. And your shape can even extend on to the bottom of your jar, as that will be the top.
(I just used white glue, you could also use decoupage medium)

Let dry somewhat, and then cover the entire inside of the jar with your lighter colored paper. Use small or large pieces, ripped or cut, and glue to the inside of the jar. If you use too much glue it will take a while to dry (mine did!).

After it’s totally dry, turn it over on top of a fake candle. The faux candle flickers just like a real candle (which you can’t use with the upside down vase, because a real candle needs air!) and gives a soft glow.

Do a whole bunch of these for outdoor luminaries, or for elegant halloween party decorations!

Pictures (click to see larger):