Illustration Friday – "Detach"

[19 Aug 2008 | By | 30 Comment(s) | 9,276 views ]

As promised in the Myrtle Beach review post, here is your daily dose of cute robots. I think this needs a good caption… any ideas? See, I’m making up for lost time with 3 posts within the last 24 hours!

Ink drawing, colored in photoshop.

Oh another note..
I haven’t done much photography lately, but I really like this one, from the beach trip:

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30 Comment(s) »

  • Juan [] :

    hahaha… Touché!
    Great stuff Nancy!

  • margothere [] :

    Like your robots, and your blog… I’ll be back! (very fun ele-purse).

    As soon as I saw this I thought “all of me, why not take all of me…” because of what I perceive as an “ah geez, now you’ve pulled off my arm” expression on Her face”… fun.

  • Dot [] :


  • Michael [] :

    Thanks for visiting, Nancy, and your kind words!

    It’s more fun to have your head in the clouds. Thank God my wife keeps me on solid ground. Who knows where it’d be if she weren’t around…

  • enigma [] :

    LOL, funny! no worry, his master will fix him soon..

    and LOVE the little boy photo, its beautiful and inspiring me to paint…

  • Ellen Byrne [] :

    Great illo and darling photograph!

  • Connie [] :

    I really like your straight-forward line drawing. The photo is wonderful and I enjoyed looking through your site at all your projects!

  • josh pincus is crying [] :

    Great illustration. Beautiful job of Photoshop coloring.

  • Connie [] :

    Whoops, forgot the caption to the robots. How about: ‘My dear, you have the most disarming manner’.

  • soulbrush [] :

    hiya, thanks for visiting me dot. love your style, and your little
    boy is adorable and love the bed too.clever hubby. hugs.

  • NANCY LEFKO [] :

    this is a wonderful photo…I hope you frame it for your home. the reflection adds so much and of course the cutie featured is priceless :)

    love your robot illustration as well :)

  • Vhrsti [] :

    The robots are supercute! I hope they will repair it.
    The photo is also cute. Love the clear reflection.

  • Dot [] :

    thanks for all the nice words.. you guys make my day :)!

    I really should frame it.. i forget that things can actually leave the digital world an become tangible!

  • Diana Evans [] :

    hahahaha…cute robots….

    “Let me give you a hand”

    and the photo is so cute….

    thanks for sharing….have a great day and I have a sweet illustration on my blog for all my “sweet” friends…like you!

  • Distressing Delilah [] :

    Sweet! That looks like an oops, also!

  • Distressing Delilah [] :

    Sweet! That looks like an oops, also!

  • Bella Sinclair [] :

    HA! Very cute. Caption…hmmmm. How about “Got Milk?” Remember that traumatizing commercial about that old guy next door whose arms fell off because he never drank milk? Ok, never mind.

    What a great photo! FABULOUS reflection. Wow, the waters must have been great. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. :)

  • Katie [] :

    Love the robots. Great style and appeasing to the eye. Your little boy is cute.

  • Vanessa Brantley Newton [] :

    This is too funny! This is what happens to me when my husband tries to get me up off the couch. This is fabu. Love your illustration. Thanks so much for your kind words left at my blog. I hope that I made you smile and gave you a chuckle today. Have a great evening

  • Lisa M Griffin [] :

    Oops, looks like that robot is gonna need a check up! beautiful photograph, just a charming moment captured in the sand. Love the reflection in the water.

  • Writer Dad [] :

    Wonderful drawing and beautiful picture. Good job.

  • La Srta Pil [] :

    poor robot! so funny, great photo.

  • Dot [] :

    thanks for the great caption ideas… keep em coming! and thanks for stopping by!

  • Rachel [] :

    Nice reflection!

  • Edrian Thomidis [] :

    Funny robots! Great illustration and nice concept! I hope he can be fixed!

  • Solvere volo [] :

    Can you give me a hand? :D Poor thing!

  • platitudinal [] :

    Oops!The orange robot is mortified, and the pretty green one is still dazed. Great illustration! Can’t think of a smart caption, but I like what one commentor mentioned above “let me give you a hand”.

    *That’s a lovely picture of your boy.

  • Bobo's Slave [] :

    lovely photo, like the reflection. like your robots too, poor thing needs to be fixed! And you’ve made a dream bed for all kids!

  • studio lolo [] :

    I thought of that “let me give you a hand” too!

    Cute illo Dot. Dot’s Bots! :)

  • Honor Bowden [] :

    Oh my gosh, those robots rock! Great work on that bed too. :-)