Tutorial on Henri the Hexapus

Enter the April Fool Contest! Just a few more days!!

Finally! the ‘how to’ on how to create Henri! a fun little puppet made out of recycled sweater sleeves – more on Henri here.. I’ll post some pics of the finished Henri in action tomorrow.

So, I promised instructions, hopefully these are understandable. This can be modified to do a stuffed toy rather than a puppet by simply stuffing the head fully, and then sewing up the secondary sweater where the legs meet.

Click through to see/download the full size instructions.

Materials needed:
Two coordinating sweaters, felted. 1 sleeve from each.
Felt for eyes
Buttons (if you’re up for the fun of sewing on all those suckers!)
Embroidery thread
I sewed everything but the embellishments on the machine.

Prototype Henri:
Henri, the Octo-puppet

If you try him, please let me see your results, and you can post to the new flickr group : http://www.flickr.com/groups/dabbled/Henri-almost-done