Make Old Fashioned Metal Bottle Labels for Halloween

Today I’m over at Dollar Store Crafts, blogging about my nifty cheepy spooky labels for your Halloween bottles and jars! Go check it out…

The key to this project is embossed foil stickers, which are used in scrapbooking. I found a sheet of 6 at the local dollar store. These are shiny silver foil, and sticky on the back.

The only other supplies needed are spray paint, paper, and glue!

Project Estimate:

Embossed foil stickers, $1
Spray paint, on hand
Paper, on hand
Glue, on hand
Recycled jars and bottles, on hand
Total: $1

I decided to use them to decorate bottles and jars for my Halloween party. The examples here are liquor bottles for a creepy bar, but you can of course use these for all sorts of labeling! Other ideas:

Create an Evil Mad Scientist lab or a Witch’s Kitchen, with jars of things that look creepy:

A cauliflower in a fishbowl can double as a human brain, white grapes in a jar of red food coloring give an eyeball impression.. be creative with vegetables.
Toy snakes and frogs and such in jars of water tinted with food coloring.
Halloween head in a jar.
Or even use your labels on things other than jars… affix to folded cardstock to make place cards for dinner or to label food on a halloween buffet.

I’ve written up all the instructions here as an instructable. Go here!