Make Quick Mittens


Hi! I’m Heather from Dollar Store Crafts, a daily blog devoted to making cool crafts with dollar store stuff. I’m so excited to be swapping holiday posts with Dot!

Do you love felted sweaters as much as I do? Felted (or technically, “fulled”) sweaters are made from animal hair-based yarn (like wool, alpaca or cashmere), and washed in hot water and dried in the dryer until they shrink up and the fibers are fused together (kind of like dreadlocks on a micro scale). Once a wool sweater is felted, the fabric can be cut and it won’t fray. It’s an amazing material for crafting. You can use a felted sweater as the base for all kinds of cozy winter goodies, like these cute mittens.

You can find wool sweaters at the thrift store. Just make sure the tag says it is mostly or 100% animal fiber. Need to know more about the process of felting? Check out this post by Diane Gilleland at Craft Stylish about felting your sweaters.


Project Materials:

  • Felted sweater
  • Scissors
  • Sewing stuff (sewing machine & thread)
  • Paper and pen


To Make Mitten Template:

Trace your hand (or your child’s hand) on a piece of paper.


Add a seam allowance line about 1/2 inch around the outside of your traced area.


Place template on sweater and cut out two pieces for each hand.


Place pieces right sides together and sew around the edge. Be sure to reinforce the seam at the cuff of the mitten by backing your stitch up a bit.

Clip any excessive extra fabric (pay attention to the area near the thumb), and turn mitten right side out. Try on mitten to see if it works. If you need to, you can turn it back inside-out and adjust.

Smile because that was so simple and quick!


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