Nancy’s art featured in the Museum of Science

I mentioned this was coming several months ago, but it’s finally up!  The Robot World 1.0 series of watercolors is now on display in Cahners Computer Place in the M0S in Boston.  I haven’t seen it yet, but here’s some pictures.

These are the watercolors featured:  RobotWorld 1.0

According to Dan Noren, the Director of Cahners Computer Place:

The gallery is at the main entrance to Cahners ComputerPlace, and is visible from the three Theater of Electricity viewing areas.

The stepped design of the framing works to focus visitors coming up the stairs to the artwork. The first section is at adult eye level from the stairs, and at younger visitor’s eye level once off the stairs.

We especially like the subject, presentation and esthetics of the art. It is the first thing visitors see going into CCP. Your ‘whimsical’ world, and juxtaposition of robot technology and humans is particularly good for us as it is the visitor’s first impression coming into CCP, and tends to humanize Computer STEM ( science, technology, engineering, math ) before they enter into the exhibit space and its rather sterile computers, robots and communication exhibits.

Your art was also a subject of a museum-wide presentation of “Art and Computer STEM” given recently.

Thank you for the opportunity to display this wonderful series of art here in Cahners ComputerPlace

So for any of you in Boston, go check it out for me! I heard it’s free museum day on Saturday…

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