New Facebook Landing page for Foodwhirl

OK, OK, I promise more arts & crafts and less web design in the near future, but I had to show this off.


Facebook pages are generally pretty boring, and I have a client who wanted a fancier facebook landing page.  So I decided to create one for Foodwhirl to see how difficult it was, before I costed it for her.  And, though a little complex (once I figured out that facebook was no longer supporting FBML and I needed to use iFrames, i found this great tutorial) , it wasn’t too hard for my mad web skillz.

If you haven’t “Liked” foodwhirl, just go here: to see it!  And of course, Like foodwhirl while you’re there.

If you have friended Foodwhirl on Facebook, you can still see the page, just click ‘Welcome’ in the list in the left sidebar.

NOTE: if you’ve enabled secure browsing in facebook (https:), you’ll get an error message first.  Just click to go to http for that session, and you’ll be able to see it.