The Finger Puppet Bus

Finger Puppet Bus - How to makeDoes your child have finger puppets that get lost and scattered about? Or is your child really a little small for wearing them on their fingers, but still likes to play with them? This is actually a re-run from 2008 when the boy had just turned 3, and was not really dexterous enough to wear his finger puppets, but still wanted to play with them. I’m busy working on a new project today, and there might be a few of you who missed this tutorial back then, so I figured I’d share it with your today!

This is a very simple design, which could of course be expanded upon and be made even more creative. And wouldn’t something like this be a great accompaniment to a gift of homemade finger puppets?

I had the handy hubby write up detailed how to instructions, so if you’d like to make one yourself, go here!

Some other kid-related blasts from the past you might enjoy:

OK, back to work on my new top secret project!  I’ll share it with you guys as soon as I can :)