The internet, curated.

Awfully honored to be guest posting here on Dabbled. Thanks for having me and I hope not to scare any of you away with my atrocious grammar and communist leanings. Here goes…

I think that the thing that I love the most about the internet is that it gives us  all the chance to be curators in our own little museums. We, bloggers anyway, are afforded the chance to trot out whatever collections that we deem hip, cool, or important without having to worry about grant money, a board of directors, or even a coherent direction to our posts. It also lets the public speak directly to the person in charge of the museum and that’s pretty empowering. Participatory processes always foster a greater sense of engagement and that’s never a bad thing.

So, in that spirit, I thought I’d share a few sites that pull this trick off particularly well. First up…Dark Roasted Blend.

retro stewardess' from Dark Roasted Blend

The photo above comes from a recent post that features vintage photos of flight attendants. Not your thing? Not to worry. DRB has some amazing posts on Sci-Fi, retro-futurism, emerging technologies, steampunk, weird advertisements and tons more. I’m sure you’ll find something you like. I always do.


Next, I highly recommend Judsonn Frondorf’s blog called AckAckAck . It’s a list ordered daily dose of what Judson thinks is cool. From politics to art to just plain weirdness, ackackack has it all.


Lastly, I’ll turn you on to Web Urbanist and it’s sister site, Web Ecoist . Both are design blogs of sorts. Web urbanist deals with urban design, travel, art and architecture, while Web Ecoist is more concerned with sustainable methods and green technologies. Both are fascinating and always have something of value to read. (The pictures above come from an article on rainforest teetop walks.)

Being that I visit upwards of twenty blogs a day, I could go on and on here. I won’t though, because now it’s your turn. Know of a particularly interesting blog or website that fits into this “mini-museum” category? Put it in the comments and share the love. Let us know what it’s about and why you like it. After all, that’s what the web is for.


Paul from DudeCraft