Tutorial – Make Resin Star Christmas Tree Ornaments

I’ve been admiring Kerry’s resin work in the Dabbled flickr group, and resin is something I’ve never worked with, but always wanted to try! I’ve asked Kerry to share a simple tutorial to take some of the mystery out of working with resin. And so she did! These little Christmas tree decorations would be fun to give as gifts, top a package, or decorate your own tree… hope you enjoy! – Dot

Resin Star Christmas Tree Decorations

How to Make Resin Ornaments

From Kerry at www.pennydog.com

You will need:

  • Resin of your choice- polyester or epoxy
  • Star shaped flexible ice cube tray (mine is from Ikea)
  • Fine glitter in your favourite colours
  • Plastic cup
  • Lolly stick
  • Drill with 2-3mm bit
  • Bakers twine

Step one:

Pour some resin into the cup. Add catalyst according to your product’s instructions- they vary between the different types. Then mix thoroughly with the lolly stick- try not to whip it though as you don’t want lots of bubbles!

Pour Resin

Step two:

Add your glitter- be quite generous- and mix it in. I have used black and green here.

Mix Glitter

Step three:

Pour the glittery resin mix into the ice cube tray. I fill them ¾ full for a nice thick piece. Leave to set for at least 24 hours.

Pour into Mold

Step four:

Pop the pieces out of the ice cube tray. Drill through one of the points in the star from one side through to the other.

Drill Hole

Step five:

Cut a piece of baker’s twine approximately 5 inches long. Thread through the hole. You may need to use a needle or a pin to help feed it through. Tie a double knot close to the thread ends to create a hanging loop and you’re done! I’ve been using these as samples for goody bags, they’re a great way of demonstrating the material I work with in a festive and cheap way!

Thread Twine

Resin Stars

About Kerry:

About me and my shop: My name is Kerry and I live in the UK. I make jewellery, homewares, knitting needles and all sorts really using resin, and I’m based in rural(ish) Leicestershire in a listed farmhouse. PennyDog came about when I adopted a greyhound- Penny- and I wanted to donate money through my craft to rehoming more of these ex-racers by donating to the Retired Greyhound Trust. I now have another greyhound- Fletcher too. I’ve always made things. My first craft fair was when I was 12 selling beadwoven jewellery. I booked the table myself, with my younger sister as my assistant. I think my Dad enjoyed having the house to himself that day, though it chucked it down and we barely sold anything! I’ve always been quite entrepreneurial, selling jewellery to teachers at school even! It was just second nature to me. I have an Etsy shop as well, my main website being www.pennydog.com and I also sell through 12 retail outlets here in the UK.

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