Yesterday's "MSCE in April" Project: Shrinky ID Tags

This was a quickie project using #6 plastic to make faux “shrinky dinks”. We’ve done this type of thing before on dabbled, but usually with the clear stuff. I see tons of possibilities with today’s raw material, Solo drink cups. These are those disposable cups that seem to be at every party, and in the trash afterwards… so loads of good recycling you can do here!

MSCE April
Day 3:
I decided to make a quick ID tag for a bag or backpack, with just a name and phone-number on it. You could, of course, do almost anything. After I played around with that, I just tried making cool looking pieces out of the plastic, without any writing. You could make some neat earrings or pendants with this stuff. Or rings!

MSCE in April Day 3 -- Quick Shrinky tags

This works pretty much like the usual instructions, and I’m not going through all those again – just follow the links in the post if you need more info, but it took a tad longer to melt, seemed thicker at the end, and in some cases needed to be flattened down right after taking out of the oven.

For the ID Tag, I cut a circle out of the bottom of the cup, following the lines in the cup already. On the white side I wrote a name and phone number. I could have done something on the colored side too, i suppose. You’d need to seal it to keep the writing from rubbing off eventually, but I didn’t here. Note, I was lazy and put it on a paper towel rather than parchment paper. Dont do that! it got fibers in it. I switched to parchment paper on the next one.

A couple of other interesting things: the only part of the cup which shrinks true is the bottom. Cutting shapes out of the sides will yield odd results. The two blue shapes that aren’t round started as circles cut out of the sides of the cup. Weird, huh? I thought the big red odd shape would make an interesting pendant. All are white on the back because these particular cups were colored on the outside and white on the inside.

This takes just minutes to make, and like I said has a ton of possibilities. Perfect for a slow day of MSCE in April!