Halloween Decor: How to make Super Creepy Photos (Photoshop Tutorial & Printables)

turn vintage photos into creepy halloween wall art dabbled.org
Update: Related technique and more downloads: Ghost Portraits! Did you know Great Aunt Gertrude was a zombie?  Or Ancient Uncle Elrod was a tad undead?  Unfortunately for my Halloween décor, I don’t really have ghouls in the family.  But we can fake it with a little photo manipulation. These creepy portraits will look great hung on a wall, or in small frames on your serving table, at any scary Halloween party.  You can either design your own, using the instructions provided here, or you can download the set provided here.  Then just have them printed in whatever size to fit your frames, at your local print shop on on your home computer.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Food: Dot’s Mozzarella Eyeballs

recipe marinated mozzarella eyeballs for halloween @ dabbled.org
These Mozzarella Eyeballs have been a staple of my Halloween party food for several years now.  They are delicious, and suitably creepy! The curse of Halloween food blogging is that many of my Halloween delicacies, made up for the Halloween party, are done at the last minute.  So I can’t write them up very well before Halloween, and it seems silly to post the recipes AFTER Halloween.  So I was noticing that some of my really cool Halloween treats are relegated to quick photo posts, rather than giving them the treatment they deserve.  To fix that, here is the ‘how-to’ on my world famous Mozzarella Eyeballs, classy enough for the fanciest Halloween dinner party!… [ KEEP READING ]

Science Fun with Kids: Oil & Water Fireworks

Fireworks in Oil science project - dabbled.org
So my 7 yr old came home the other day from camp and was like “Mom, we’ve got to go do this experiment, it’s so cool!” And it WAS pretty darn cool, so I thought I’d share it with you guys! These are his instructions, and he did the experiment and showed it to me: You’ll need 3 jars.  Fill the first one 1/2 full with water (room temperature), second one 1/2 full with oil, and the third 1/4 full with water and 1/4 full with oil. Then take food coloring, and put a few drops in the first jar, and stir.  … [ KEEP READING ]

“Tie Dye” Nails done by a total amateur

how to paint your nails in a funky tie dye way
I must admit that I’m not a nail person, generally.  I keep my fingernails natural and short, because I tend to be rough on them, between projects, typing, and just general life.  But, as I have recently discovered by discovering Pinterest, apparently interesting nail polish is very hip right now, and I figured why not try something wild.  The thing about most of the nail polish ideas I’ve seen, they look awesome because some professional nail person did them, on their totally perfectly shaped nails, with their nail person skill, and probably an assistant! So what happens when a total amateur tries one of these fancy techniques?  … [ KEEP READING ]

New Random Post Photo Archive! (and how to build it)

So I was playing around with how to display archives of all the posts from the past 5 years or so here on Dabbled, and came up with this idea:  It’s a photo based archive that pulls a random selection of posts from a bunch of project related categories.  Just reload to see a different selection!   It was really fun to be reminded of old projects, interviews, and guest posts. Go check it out: 48 Random Dabbled Posts from the Past I have so much fun just reloading it and seeing what I get! For how to make something like this for your own blog, read on..… [ KEEP READING ]

The Dr. Who Party (and the Dalek Cake!)

Update: Dalek Cake Tutorial is posted! So this weekend’s Dr. Who themed birthday party was a smashing success.  (View Invitation) Both kids and adults had a good time enjoying the food, the Timey Wimey waterslide, the Sonic Screwdriver cocktails (adults!) , fish fingers and custard (kids!), and of course, the most awesome  (if I do say so myself!) Dalek Cake.  (Can you guess what the Daleks are made out of?) I’ll get a tutorial up on how to do the cake later this week – I took a bunch of pictures of the process.  There were a few roadblocks along the way, like the Crack in the Universe deciding to manifest itself on the top of my base cake, and of course, the mess in the kitchen afterwards.  … [ KEEP READING ]