Awesome technique for Microwaving Corn on the Cob

Awesome technique for Microwaving Corn on the Cob
I don’t normally cross post between here and Foodwhirl, but since I’ve been such a slacker at posting either place lately (I know, I know, I’ll do better this summer, I promise!) I figured you wouldn’t mind too much.  Plus this technique is soooo cool.  It’s super easy, no-mess, and really quick.  You don’t have to shuck the corn before hand, which I love. Anyway, I wrote it all up at Foodwhirl, so go check it out: Corn on the Cob: Fast, easy, & No Mess! Enjoy!

Make Mint Julep Gelato for the Derby!

For the Kentucky Derby, you need Mint Juleps, right? Well for the Derby, or any time, this is a fabulous ice cream recipe for those Summer (or almost summer) days… This gelato was inspired by our neighbors, Sara & Paul, and their wonderful mint juleps that they make for the Derby.  Their recipe is a little nontraditional, as it calls for lemon, but I like their version even better than then typical Mint Julep drink. Gelato is healthier than ice cream because it has less fat in it, and it’s texture is just wonderful.  And while I don’t have a real gelato maker, I fake it by using my Kitchen Aid’s ice cream freezer attachment, and using the lowest speed.  … [ KEEP READING ]

Angry Birds cupcakes won 2nd place! (and more cake tutorials)

I’m pleased to announce that my Angry Birds cupcake tutorial instructable won second place in the Instructables cupcake contest! More photos of all the birds and pigs, and download the tutorial, here (Make Angry Birds Cupcakes) Some of my previous cake/cupcake tutorials: Perry the Platypus

Tutorial: Make Angry Birds Cupcakes

Angry Birds Cupcakes Tutorial
My son, he who inspired the Clone Trooper Cupcakes, Dragon Cake, and Perry the Platypus Cake, is obsessed with Angry Birds.  Well, he’s really obsessed with about a dozen games on the iPhone or Android when we’ll let him play them — and he got to play a lot while we were on vacation in Mexico.  And we had a 4 hour delay so I played my share of Angry Birds, too.  Anyway.  So here they are in cupcake form (here are a bunch of other Angry Birds creations, too).  Lots of fun to make, and quite tasty, too!… [ KEEP READING ]

Octopus Baby Shower Cookies

For a friend’s baby shower, we did an octopus theme (the mom was having twins, so the theme was “she’s going to need 8 arms!” These cookies match the invitation. Here are the cookies I made as shower favors.  They weren’t overly difficult, but a tad time consuming. I’ll post the recipe in a later post if anyone is interested, but basically it’s a non-leavened sugar cookie, covered with royal icing.  With small skewers for sticks, inserted before the cookie is baked. The octopus is drawn on freehand, and it doesn’t take artistic talent… Everyone is cute, unique, and just a little bit ‘wopty’!… [ KEEP READING ]

Sweet potato casserole… and holiday recipes

Sweet potato casserole... and holiday recipes
Hi all!  Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving (for those of us in the States)… We did.  And now I need a vacation from the vacation!  I promised to post my sweet potato casserole recipe…um… last year (remember the Sweet Potato Tartlets?)?  So here it is, up at Foodwhirl: Sweet Potato Casserole …perfect for any holiday meal!  I don’t know if sweet potatoes are on your typical Holiday menu, but they always are on mine.  This is an easy and quite tasty dish, that is very kid friendly too.  My 5 year old loves it. . We’re looking for more holiday recipes with the Christmas season now upon us, so if you have some good ones, let us know!… [ KEEP READING ]