Braaains! Salmon Brain Dip every Zombie would just die for.

how to make salmon 'brain' dip for halloween
Really, Halloween is NOT that far away, and if you’re really into Halloween, like we are around here, it just makes sense to start thinking about things early! So, as part of my new “clean up old stuff on Dabbled” series, I realized that while I gave the recipe for this brain dip as part of a post on the food I created for a previous halloween party, I had not actually pulled it out into a post of it’s own. So it’s high time that we did! I’ve done some kind of brain shaped dip for halloween for pretty much ever, but I used to do a crab dip that had gelatin in it so it kept it’s shape really nicely.… [ KEEP READING ]

Geeky Halloween: Incredible Homemade Weeping Angels

don't blink! halloween weeping angel build by macabre rob
Don’t Blink!!   It’s never too early to start planning for Halloween, especially if your ambitions are this big. Check out this incredible build by HalloweenForum poster MacabreRob. He built not one, but TWO weeping angels (of Doctor Who fame), and describes the entire process – from building the body, to molding the face.   LOVE it… I was thinking what a cool project building an angel would be, but I don’t think I’m up for anything quite this intense for our halloween decor. Maybe we could figure out some way to fake this?  Any ideas ? :) [More Halloween]

Halloween Roundup: Costumes, food and drink

Halloween Roundup: Costumes, food and drink
A few more cool links to get those halloween juices flowing: [ KEEP READING ]

Daphne (Scooby Doo) little girls costume

This was actually supposed to go up last year (!) but you know how the time around halloween gets around here! My friend Cecily made this costume for her daughter…  She writes:
For my daughter, I didn’t like the Daphne costumes available for sale from the costume stores.  They are kind of skanky and not the cool retro Daphne from 1970!  She wanted to be the original Daphne for sure.
I used Simplicity: It’s So Easy, pattern #2825 (Dress and Backpack (didn’t make the backpack).  I used purple Kona cotton and lavendar bias tape for the trim.  Honestly I have no idea as to the “right way” to do something like this- I just followed the pattern and when I didn’t understand it, I improvised. 

BRAAAAINS! Conehead Zombie… PvZ costume

kids conehead zombie costume from plants vs zombies
The Cutest Little Conehead Zombie: I promised you guys a second costume for The Boy’s halloween (you’ll remember he’s also doing Draco Malfoy, Death Eater), and here it is! He’s a big fan of the Plants Vs. Zombies video game, and insisted on being a Conehead Zombie. We also considered buckethead, but we had the cone, so that sealed the deal. This is easy to put together, and tons of fun. I think this would be a great group costume idea – everyone picking different zombies to play Tutorial:
I’ve written an Instructable up, if you want to go make your own. [ KEEP READING ]

Make a Hogwarts scarf out of old sweatshirts (Harry Potter, Halloween)

Slytherin Scarf tutorial - harry potter
This is part 3, we’ve already covered how to make a death eater mask, and how to make a hogwarts robe out of a t-shirt! For the boy’s Death Eater costume, he really didn’t want any Slytherin gear, as he said (and rightly) that Draco Malfoy skulking around as a Death Eater would not be wearing his Slytherin scarf.  But since a death eater doesn’t really look like anything other than a creepy guy in a mask without something to indicate Harry Potter-ness, I talked him into the scarf, so Draco could go incognito. So here’s the quick tutorial on making the Slytherin scarf. … [ KEEP READING ]