Geeky Halloween: Incredible Homemade Weeping Angels

don't blink! halloween weeping angel build by macabre rob
Don’t Blink!!   It’s never too early to start planning for Halloween, especially if your ambitions are this big. Check out this incredible build by HalloweenForum poster MacabreRob. He built not one, but TWO weeping angels (of Doctor Who fame), and describes the entire process – from building the body, to molding the face.   LOVE it… I was thinking what a cool project building an angel would be, but I don’t think I’m up for anything quite this intense for our halloween decor. Maybe we could figure out some way to fake this?  Any ideas ? :) [More Halloween]

Science Fun with Kids: Oil & Water Fireworks

Fireworks in Oil science project -
So my 7 yr old came home the other day from camp and was like “Mom, we’ve got to go do this experiment, it’s so cool!” And it WAS pretty darn cool, so I thought I’d share it with you guys! These are his instructions, and he did the experiment and showed it to me: You’ll need 3 jars.  Fill the first one 1/2 full with water (room temperature), second one 1/2 full with oil, and the third 1/4 full with water and 1/4 full with oil. Then take food coloring, and put a few drops in the first jar, and stir.  … [ KEEP READING ]

“Tie Dye” Nails done by a total amateur

how to paint your nails in a funky tie dye way
I must admit that I’m not a nail person, generally.  I keep my fingernails natural and short, because I tend to be rough on them, between projects, typing, and just general life.  But, as I have recently discovered by discovering Pinterest, apparently interesting nail polish is very hip right now, and I figured why not try something wild.  The thing about most of the nail polish ideas I’ve seen, they look awesome because some professional nail person did them, on their totally perfectly shaped nails, with their nail person skill, and probably an assistant! So what happens when a total amateur tries one of these fancy techniques?  … [ KEEP READING ]

Some of the Most Popular Posts on Dabbled

I haven’t really looked at my Analytics lately, so I pulled it up today.  And I thought you might be interested in what are the most popular posts on Dabbled recently.  Most of these are old projects, that new people are just discovering, but who knows, you might have missed them too! So here are a few of the most popular in the last 30 days (counting down the top 8- if I have time tomorrow I’ll do some more–I should be working on my Dalek cake right now, but I’m procrastinating…) How to Make a Paper Graduation Cap This one makes total sense, since it’s June and we’ve just had Graduation season going on.  … [ KEEP READING ]

Leprechaun Traps for St. Pats

Leprechaun Traps for St. Pats
You do try to trap a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s day, right?  To get his pot of gold?  Every year someone asks me about leprechan traps, and every year I have to go through my old stuff and see what I can remember… So here are some resources! [ KEEP READING ]

How to Make Roses Roundup (from all kinds of things, including Bacon!)

How to Make Roses Roundup (from all kinds of things, including Bacon!)
Want to be clever and romantic for Vday? How to make all kinds of roses–out of all kinds of things– just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Following are tutorials for crafty rose making, as well as some edible versions (Like these roses, from BACON?) Crafty Goodness: For those who like to play with their food… [ KEEP READING ]