Tutorial: Super easy (& inexpensive) french door curtains

Make almost no-sew curtains super quick and easy.

…or (almost) no-sew ‘two seams and you’re done’ curtains you can make in less than an hour.

We have a GREAT sunroom. It’s got a huge vaulted ceiling and french doors on both sides and lots of windows. But, we also have a computer at a desk in the corner, and the light from the windows can cause a glare on the screen. Hence the need to occasionally cover up these gorgeous windows with some sort of curtain. And curtains or shaded on french doors are really a pain in the butt to me. They either get in the way, or they are clunky and unattractive, so I had avoided doing anything about the glaring window til forced to by nagging husband and kiddo.

So, I wanted a solution that would be easy to make, easy to remove, and look nice while it was up there. So what’s the secret? Well, note the 5 lovely buttonholes at the top of each panel. Does that give you any hints? It’s a shower curtain! We found a pretty black cotton waffle weave shower curtain at Target for less than $20.  And it’s held up by buttoning the button holes onto pushpins stuck in the door.  … [ KEEP READING ]

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April Fools Food!

April Fools Food!

Dinner on April Fools Day (can you believe it’s almost April 1st?) calls for making something unusual, right?  Maybe a bit tricksy.   Here are a few ideas, both sweet and savory, with an April Fool’s Day twist.

Nothing is what it seems…
Top: Sushi? – I made this last year for an April Fool party, and again at halloween (instructions)
Middle: A cupcake?
Eggs and Toast?
Bottom: Veggies and Fish Sticks?
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup?

Here are a few more ideas:


(Originally published 2009, updated with more goodies 2013)

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Easter Idea Roundup

Silk Tie Dyed Eggs

Cake Eggs!

Roundup: Easter Sweets


Easter Egg Coloring Ideas

Make your Own Peeps!

The Chicken Egg Family

Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial

Chocolate Filled Eggshells from not martha

More great egg ideas at Wisdom of the Moon


Click on the photo above for Cool Easter ideas from the past–
And here are some more resources:
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Pretty boiled eggs (so you can tell them apart from the raw ones in the fridge!)

boil eggs with onion skins for a pretty brown egg color

I hesitate to publish this right before Easter, as it’s really a year round egg hack, not an easter egg hack, but I suppose it is extra useful at Easter, where you might want some pretty brown eggs.

If you’re looking for fancier Easter egg ideas, you can find some here, here, .. and an Easter basket here.

So I usually buy a big thing of eggs, and boil a handful of them ahead of time to throw in lunchboxes or to make tuna salad with, or whatever, and I like to be able to tell them apart from the non-boiled at a glance.  I used to take a sharpie and mark the ends (maybe with a little face so it would be cute in kid’s lunch), but this is my new plan, and I love it.

Also, I love the look of brown eggs, but I’m not going to pay extra for them just because they are aesthetically pleasing.

So, my solution?  Whenever I boil eggs, I throw in a handful of onion skins (I pretty much always have a bag of yellow onions on hand) and a dash of vinegar.

By the time the eggs are done, they are also a lovely peachy brown color.… [ KEEP READING ]

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So Long spammers, and Goodbye to (some) comments

So Long spammers, and Goodbye to (some) comments

Hello all… Dot here. Yes, I still love you guys, but the eternal war with spammers has brought me to a crossroads. Dear spammers: No, none of my readers want to buy your essay, really–And the comments have always be ‘no-follow’, so Google doesn’t even notice your link. But telling them this has been in vain, so I’ve made the decision to get rid of WordPress comments, and have only Facebook comments.

Why now?

If you’ve been around the crafty/bloggy web as long as I have (2007!),  you’ll have noticed that the importance of comments has changed dramatically over the past few years.  I used to only be able to tell how popular a post or project was by either looking at the stats, or getting feedback in the comments.  Comments were the way we all communicated, and I will say between blog comments and Twitter, that was the way I built some great relationships!   But times have changed, and blogging/craft-blogging has changed with the rise of social media as a real force.  I don’t control the conversation anymore, my projects are floating around Pinterest, or shared in a variety of other social ways.   People don’t want to talk about it here, they want to talk about it with their friends.  … [ KEEP READING ]

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How to make an adorable Needle Felted Alien

Make a Needle Felted Alien photo

We’re always looking for cute (and maybe a little silly or geeky) crafts here on Dabbled, so when Lark Crafts offered a tutorial to share with you guys from their new book Wee Felt Worlds, I said, “Yes, Please!”

The book has a bunch of really cute creatures and scenes you can create with needle felting – everything from a silly science lab, to a sweet shop, to a pirate island… with easy to follow instructions.   It looks like it would be a good introduction to the craft of needle felting, you don’t have to already know how to do it.

Tutorial: Big Purple Alien Blob

Huggable and utterly lovable, this friendly alien blob loves making friends, playing sports, shopping, and taking long walks along the lunar landscape.

Download the Full Tutorial : Alien Blob from Wee Felt Worlds

Or… buy the whole book of projects (use the link below to support Dabbled!)

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